Hãng chuyên các loại bơm dùng trong công nghiệp và nông nghiệp

  • NEMO progressing cavity pumps
    • Pump BY
    • Progressing cavity pump
    • SY industrial construction in bearing block design with free shaft extension
    • pro
    • BH hygienic pump
    • Mini BH hygienic pump
    • SH plus hygienic pump
    • SA Aseptic pump
    • Multiphase pumps
    • Dependable conveyance with no overflow
    • NETZSCH L.cap pumps
  • TORNADO rotary lobe pump
    • Rotary lobe pump – special design for the petroleum industry
  • NOTOS multi screw pump
    • 4NS-four screw pump
    • 3NS-three screw pump
    • 2 NS-two screw pump
  • NETZSCH Grinding
    • M-Ovas Grinding system
    • Taskmaster
  • Dosing and Emptying
  • Accessories and auxiliary equipment
  • Original NETZSCH sparepart


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